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This is the OpenRPG Plugin HQ, a resource for adding on to and expanding the online tabletop program OpenRPG. You can find downloadable plugins and gui layout files for OpenRPG, and there's also a guide (in progress) to learning Python so you can modify OpenRPG or make plugins yourself.

1:17pm PST, 2006-02-23
I just updated my server to PHP5, because there's some nice new stuff in it. It looks like I've got everything nice and working, but if you see any problems with the site, please contact me and let me know so that I can fix them.
1:13pm PST, 2005-12-29
I've updated the Initiative Tool 2.2 zip file to magoo's latest version; it's now compatible with OpenRPG 1.6.3. Thanks, magoo, for making and maintaining such a great plugin.
2:05pm PST, 2005-12-10
This site was defaced sometime last night or early today. Apparently the hackers got in through a flaw in phpBB2; as a precautionary measure, the forums are down for a while. If I bring them back, I will probably be starting fresh from an up-to-date version of phpBB. I'm not sure I will, though, because they hadn't been getting much attention anyway. I may just add a comment system to the plugins page and leave it at that.
4:20pm PST, 2005-12-07
The new version of this site, after a long delay, has gone live, because OpenRPG 1.6.3 is now in the process of being released. (If you have OpenRPG already, try typing '/update get'.) Take a look around at all the improvements that have been made to the site -- I think you'll like them. The source code is cleaner, too.

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