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This is where OpenRPG plugins are made available. You can use your browser's search function (usually CTRL+F) to find a specific plugin, or you can browse plugins by category.

To use a plugin, you first have to have OpenRPG 1.6.3 or higher. If you do not have 1.6.3, you must upgrade before you can use plugins. The plugins on this site may or may not work with patched versions of older clients, so OpenRPG versions less than 1.6.3 are not supported. Sorry!

Once you've started the correct version of OpenRPG, Tools > Plugins should bring up the Plugin Control Panel, where you can use the checkboxes in order to enable the plugins. Be sure to use the Plugin Info button to find out how to use each individual plugin. Be careful, because sometimes plugins conflict (for example, Idle Time and NowPlaying) which can cause undesirable results, though problems are usually minor. If you want, you can set up some plugins to automatically load when you start OpenRPG by going to Main > Plugins Loaded on Startup.

To install a plugin you have downloaded, just extract the file to the plugins/ directory of OpenRPG. If you have OpenRPG running, you can hit Update List to refresh the list so you can then enable the plugin. A caution: plugins run some code when read into the list, so if you have a plugin from a source you don't trust, don't even put it in your /plugins folder, or else any code in that plugin will be run when you start OpenRPG.

download last update author default? description
xxaliaslib 2003-01-20 mDuo13 No DISCONTINUED, because it's glitchy and a mess of code. Furthermore, most of what it does is replicated by the standard Alias Library. Creates a window where you can enter a list of aliases, give each one of them text styles, and switch between them with the PageUp and PageDown keys.
xxchatbot 2003-03-08 Woody, SSFSX17, mDuo13 No DISCONTINUED, because it's glitchy and really really complicated (and hard to test). Automatically replies to prompts with answers written in the wordlist file(s). Has support for variables, password-activated responses, and remote controlling.
xxgvm 2005-11-06 mDuo13 No DISCONTINUED, because xxvarmaster does pretty much everything it does, and more. Lets you store and recall variables, which you can use in curly-bracket die rolls and your status.
xxidletime 2005-01-25 Woody, mDuo13 No DISCONTINUED, because it was eventually incorporated into the xxstatus plugin. This is only for historical purposes now.
xxmaketab 2005-01-29 mDuo13, Mercenary No DISCONTINUED, because it has been incorporated straight into the base code as the /tab function.
xxpm 2005-09-26 mDuo13 No DISCONTINUED, because it's a messy hack, and it doesn't work when "Show ID in Chat" is on. Works mostly okay otherwise, but it's such a mess that if I were to fix it, I'd have to redo it from scratch.
xxprotec 2005-07-27 mDuo13 No DISCONTINUED, because its functionality has been incorporated into the main code. See the Settings > Chat > Show_Images_in_Chat setting. Blocks images, background color changes, and text alignment changes in chat.
xxwoodnet 2005-01-21 Woody No DISCONTINUED, because the Woodnet Trackers with which this used to interface are down indefinitely (because Woody is gone). Lets you easily interface with Woodnet Trackers to see who's logged onto which servers, and even send messages between servers.
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