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This is where OpenRPG plugins are made available. You can use your browser's search function (usually CTRL+F) to find a specific plugin, or you can browse plugins by category.

To use a plugin, you first have to have OpenRPG 1.6.3 or higher. If you do not have 1.6.3, you must upgrade before you can use plugins. The plugins on this site may or may not work with patched versions of older clients, so OpenRPG versions less than 1.6.3 are not supported. Sorry!

Once you've started the correct version of OpenRPG, Tools > Plugins should bring up the Plugin Control Panel, where you can use the checkboxes in order to enable the plugins. Be sure to use the Plugin Info button to find out how to use each individual plugin. Be careful, because sometimes plugins conflict (for example, Idle Time and NowPlaying) which can cause undesirable results, though problems are usually minor. If you want, you can set up some plugins to automatically load when you start OpenRPG by going to Main > Plugins Loaded on Startup.

To install a plugin you have downloaded, just extract the file to the plugins/ directory of OpenRPG. If you have OpenRPG running, you can hit Update List to refresh the list so you can then enable the plugin. A caution: plugins run some code when read into the list, so if you have a plugin from a source you don't trust, don't even put it in your /plugins folder, or else any code in that plugin will be run when you start OpenRPG.

download last update author default? description
xx1337 2005-11-05 mDuo13 No Turns all your text into the hacker language 1337, as well as displaying everyone else's in 1337. HTML tags still work fine though.
xxblackjack 2005-04-24 mDuo13, Woody No Lets you play a 1-player game of blackjack on OpenRPG.
xxmirror 2005-04-28 mDuo13 No Reverses all text in chat (not just your own). Be careful not to make yourself very unpopular by using this plugin.
xxnowplaying 2005-11-06 mDuo13 No Posts what's playing in Winamp into your status.
xxscramble 2005-04-28 mDuo13 No An 'unscramble the word' game you can play with other people on OpenRPG if you get bored.
xxsmiley 2005-03-11 mDuo13 Yes Turns emoticons in the chat into smiley images.
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