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This is where OpenRPG plugins are made available. You can use your browser's search function (usually CTRL+F) to find a specific plugin, or you can browse plugins by category.

To use a plugin, you first have to have OpenRPG 1.6.3 or higher. If you do not have 1.6.3, you must upgrade before you can use plugins. The plugins on this site may or may not work with patched versions of older clients, so OpenRPG versions less than 1.6.3 are not supported. Sorry!

Once you've started the correct version of OpenRPG, Tools > Plugins should bring up the Plugin Control Panel, where you can use the checkboxes in order to enable the plugins. Be sure to use the Plugin Info button to find out how to use each individual plugin. Be careful, because sometimes plugins conflict (for example, Idle Time and NowPlaying) which can cause undesirable results, though problems are usually minor. If you want, you can set up some plugins to automatically load when you start OpenRPG by going to Main > Plugins Loaded on Startup.

To install a plugin you have downloaded, just extract the file to the plugins/ directory of OpenRPG. If you have OpenRPG running, you can hit Update List to refresh the list so you can then enable the plugin. A caution: plugins run some code when read into the list, so if you have a plugin from a source you don't trust, don't even put it in your /plugins folder, or else any code in that plugin will be run when you start OpenRPG.

download last update author default? description
xxarsmagica 2005-02-16 mDuo13 No Allows you to roll special dice macros for Ars Magica. It's not a full-fledged dieroller, but it's a quick substitute for one.
xxcarddealer 2005-02-16 cogollo No Allows you to simulate a deck of cards in OpenRPG for rudimentary card games. It doesn't currently support multiple people drawing from the same deck.
xxgsc 2005-10-19 Woody, mDuo13 Yes Gives you a window to let you put your AC and HP in your status and track them easily.
xxhiddendice 2005-12-09 mDuo13 No Makes rolls in double-brackets invisible to other players. Useful for GMs who want to quickly roll dice that players can't see, but to let the players know they're rolling. Now works with text nodes and other sources of hidden rolls.
xxinit 2005-03-09 Woody, Darloth Yes Collects and sorts initiative rolls for D&D or Shadowrun. Also see the Initiative Tool 2.2 which builds on this plugin with Shadowrun 4 intiative, and 'effects' for both systems.
xxinit22 2005-12-21 Woody, Darloth, Veggiesama, magoo No Collects and sorts initiative rolls for D&D or Shadowrun 4, and has better handling of initiative changes, special effects, and so forth from the original xxinit. Also see this thread for help. (Fixed for OpenRPG 1.6.3)
xxooc 2005-04-28 mDuo13 No Helps you make out of character comments surrounded by double-parentheses.
xxquotebox 2005-11-06 frobnic8, mDuo13 No Lets the GM easily put descriptive text into a box so that it stands out. You can do this built-in with /d but this plugin gives you more options for styling the box.
xxroller 2005-04-28 mDuo13, Woody No Rolls stats for AD&D 2nd Edition with a graphical interface and then puts them into a character sheet in your game tree.
xxsendas 2005-12-07 mDuo13 No Lets you specify an alias at the chat input line, so you don't have to take your hands off the keyboard to pick an alias from the dropdown. You can even make up aliases on the spot.
xxsoundfx 2005-12-09 mDuo13 No Lets you trigger WAV-format sounds on other users' computers through OpenRPG. All users must have the plugin and the sound file.
xxvarmaster 2006-04-25 Bruce Kroeze, mDuo13 No Lets you store and modify game variables, place them in your status, and so forth. It does pretty much everything xxgvm does, and more. I've personally added a graphical interface, so you can see your variables and edit them in a grid, and change your status formula.
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