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You are viewing Chapter 1: Getting Acclimated to Python of the Guide to Learning Python for OpenRPG. You can also go to the table of contents to see the full list of available chapters.

And so, now begins the actual guide to programming in Python. This is the section where we will actually start working with Python. As with most tutorials, the first thing we will be doing is math, using the Python interpreter as a calculator -- but don't worry, this is designed to be a fast-paced tutorial, so in very little time you will be moving on to the next section, where I will introduce the first program you will write in Python, the classic "Hello World" program. After that, you will be introduced to using integers and strings in Python, and then the if, elif, and else statements. Experienced programmers will likely be able to skim over the first few chapters, at least until if, elif, and else - because Python's formatting is different from the C family of languages.

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