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This is the home of OpenRPG GUI Layouts, which are xml files that tell OpenRPG how and where to display its components. Just by swapping the gui.xml file, you could have OpenRPG load the map, the game tree, the player list, and the chat window in separate windows, in tabs of the same window, or a combination of both.

OpenRPG 1.4.1 and above include built-in support for custom GUI layouts -- no plugin patch needed. It gets them from the gui.xml file in the /myfiles directory. To use any of the layouts hosted on this site, just extract the file to your /myfiles directory, overwriting the old gui.xml. Don't worry about backing up the default gui.xml file. If you ever have a problem, or want to go back to the default GUI, just delete the gui.xml file in the /myfiles directory, and the next time you run OpenRPG it will re-create the file automatically.

download last update author screenshot description
gui1 2003-04-09 mDuo13 gui1.jpg The tree and player list are in a splitter on the left with the chat and map in a tabber on the right.
gui2 2003-04-09 mDuo13 gui2.jpg The tree and player list are in a splitter on the RIGHT with the chat and map in a tabbber on the LEFT.
gui3 2003-04-09 mDuo13 gui3.jpg On the top is a tabber with the map in one tab and the tree & player list in a splitter in the other tab. Below that tabber is the chat.
gui4 2003-04-09 mDuo13 gui4.jpg On top is a splitter containing the player list and the player list & map tabbed. Below that tabber is the chat.
gui5 2003-04-09 mDuo13 gui5.jpg The chat and player list are in one tab; the tree and map are in another.
shengs_layout 2004-05-11 Sheng Long Gradilla shengs_layout.jpg There's a big map area on the right side, and on the left is a column split in two. In the top row is a tab with the player list and another with the gametree. On the bottom row is the chat window.
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