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This is the OpenRPG Plugin HQ, a resource for adding on to and expanding the online tabletop program OpenRPG. You can find downloadable plugins and gui layout files for OpenRPG, and there's also a guide (in progress) to learning Python so you can modify OpenRPG or make plugins yourself.

1:17pm PST, 2006-02-23
I just updated my server to PHP5, because there's some nice new stuff in it. It looks like I've got everything nice and working, but if you see any problems with the site, please contact me and let me know so that I can fix them.
1:13pm PST, 2005-12-29
I've updated the Initiative Tool 2.2 zip file to magoo's latest version; it's now compatible with OpenRPG 1.6.3. Thanks, magoo, for making and maintaining such a great plugin.
2:05pm PST, 2005-12-10
This site was defaced sometime last night or early today. Apparently the hackers got in through a flaw in phpBB2; as a precautionary measure, the forums are down for a while. If I bring them back, I will probably be starting fresh from an up-to-date version of phpBB. I'm not sure I will, though, because they hadn't been getting much attention anyway. I may just add a comment system to the plugins page and leave it at that.
4:20pm PST, 2005-12-07
The new version of this site, after a long delay, has gone live, because OpenRPG 1.6.3 is now in the process of being released. (If you have OpenRPG already, try typing '/update get'.) Take a look around at all the improvements that have been made to the site -- I think you'll like them. The source code is cleaner, too.
2:10pm PST, 2005-09-25
I fixed some glitches in the xxpm plugin. This is only a temporary holdover (eventually I want to rewrite it completely and/or replace it with a better feature). Also, in the future, look forward to several new plugins from other coders, a slight update to the plugin framework, and at least one exciting new plugin from yours truly. If you're anxious, try a CVS checkout (not just downloading the dev version from wrathof). Oh, and a bit of a site upgrade as well. So good things are on the way, but they all have to come at once, so it'll take some preparation first.
9:43am PST, 2005-07-01
An update: Right now, plugins should work with the latest 1.6.2 (developer) version -- when 1.6.3 comes out, hopefully soon, they should work with it as well. For those of you who were still having trouble with the xxquotebox plugin, I've fixed it -- the problem was a stupid mistake on my part where the version on the server was different than the version I was using. It's actually fixed this time. Also, I've added a new plugin: the xxhiddendice plugin. Using this tool, GMs can have their rolls appear only to them, by using double-brackets.
10:41pm PST, 2005-04-14
I don't even want to think about what to do with plugins to make them fit to the new standard that certain devs have set up for the plugin code in the official version now, so I haven't been doing much plugin work, but in the meantime, gurney9999 brought it to my attention that the quotebox plugin was broken. I have fixed it.
9:10pm PST, 2005-02-20
Well, it's been a while, but I finally have a Plugin Patch 3 for you guys. That's right: the plugin patch has upgraded to a new benchmark. New in this version is a folder for all your plugin stuff -- amazing! Furthermore, developers get the handy "plugindb" which allows quick and easy saving of string, list, and dictionary variables, without having to deal with the messiness of writing and reading text files! There are a couple other differences, but those are the big two, and here's one more: the plugin patch is officially part of the OpenRPG code for the next version (1.6.3 or 1.7.1, whatever it turns out to be) so the current 1.6.1 patch will be the last plugin patch ever! Plugins will be supported by default. Go download the new patch now and read the instructions for upgrading, because your old plugins will NOT work under the new patch -- but don't worry, you can download new ones. Only a few plugins have yet to be upgraded: xxmaketab (since it is included in the new version's base code), xxchatbot (currently under revision), xxwoodnet (phased out a while ago since it's obsolete as long as Woody's woodnet trackers aren't around), and xxaliaslib (because I just don't feel like fixing the bugs in it and I don't think anyone uses it anyway).
10:02pm PST, 2005-01-03
The plugin patch file for version 1.6.1 has a glitch in it right now. I'm aware of it, but the easiest thing for me to do right now is to just leave it be -- the plugin code has been committed to CVS and I'm working hard to ensure that it works correctly there. Once the code is finalized, I'll release new patches for 1.4.1 through 1.6.1, but until then, there probably won't be a patch for 1.6.1 -- sorry.
12:08am PST, 2004-12-4
The Plugin Patch 3 is coming. It will feature a plugins subdirectory and an xml database for storing plugin settings. Stay tuned, and contact me if you want a feature added to the next patch. (Not that I guarantee anything, but I'll see what I can do.)
9:16pm PST, 2004-11-16
Ugh. The server died. Anyway, the site is back, though there's still a bit of work to do. Gotta get the forums and whatnot up again. Oh well, at least the downtime is fixed. These week-long downtimes must end.
11:49pm PST, 2004-10-07
And that's that. The new site is all set up and now live. Go ahead and check out the new navigation system of the new page, and enjoy the greatly-reduced pageload times, everyone! If you have any comments about the new layout, I'd love to hear about them on the forums!
10:32pm PST, 2004-10-06
I've been coding away these last couple days, after taking some time off, and the site is, for the most part, done. With some graphics and testing, the site should go live very soon.
10:54pm PST, 2004-09-03
I finally decided it was worth it to bring over the PHP layout from my personal page to the Plugin HQ. This is the first demo. Mind you, all the images are just placeholders, and many of them have been borrowed from /me/ for purposes of testing.